Press Releases

November 12, 2019

Protech Global Solutions Awarded Spectrum Brands’ Supplier of the Year

Protech Global Solutions, a Compass Electronics Solutions company was presented with Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc.’s (Spectrum) Supplier of the Year award while attending Spectrum’s annual supplier meeting in Aliso Viejo, CA. (Read More)

March 10th, 2015


El Paso, Tex.—Protech Global Solutions, L.P., a multinational electronics contract manufacturer, announced plans to expand its headquarters in El Paso, Texas from 22,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet. (Read More)

Let’s Call Protech

Challenge: A customer had new product concept, but didn’t have a bill of materials, approved vendor list or product specification.

Solution: The team at Protech helped the customer identify the needed components and cost for the product. They also helped develop all needed documentation.