Let’s Call Protech!

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Let’s Call Protech!

At Protech Global Solutions, our vision isn’t simply to meet the EMS industry standard of competitive price, on-time delivery and world class quality. Instead, it is to be the contractor companies call when they’ve got a difficult challenge to address. Here are a few examples of the solutions that call to Protech has triggered:

Product Development Support

Challenge: A vehicle manufacturer was launching a new model and realized he didn’t have an iPod interface just weeks before the scheduled launch date.

Solution: He called Protech and discussed the problem.  Utilizing its available engineering resources, Protech developed, assembled and presented a prototype solution to this customer. Once tested and approved by the customer, the unit was added to the vehicle in time for their launch.

New Production Introduction Support

Challenge: A customer had new product concept, but didn’t have a bill of materials, approved vendor list or product specification.

Solution: The team at Protech helped the customer identify the needed components and cost for the product. They also helped develop all needed documentation.

Design for Manufacturability

Challenge: A customer with a great product concept needed a contract manufacturing partner capable of helping them launch a manufacturable product that met their cost targets.

Solution: Protech assisted the customer with design for manufacturability recommendations, plus helped them develop necessary product documentation. The team also offered cost reduction suggestions.

Obsolescence Management

Challenge: A customer presented Protech with a product they needed to re-design due to the obsolescence of a key component. They did not have any documentation of the existing design because they the product had been developed in Asia and they never received a complete design package from the previous supplier.

Solution: Protech reverse engineered the product, modified that design to accept a new component and launched it into production, following customer approval. The redesigned product met their cost targets and saved them time and money.

Obsolescence Management

Challenge: A customer needed support for a module with many obsolete parts, plus they wanted to add a new microprosessor.

Solution: Protech identified substitutes for the obsolete parts plus modified the pinout on the engine control module (ECM) to utilize the new microprocessor.

Supply Chain Management

Challenge: A customer approached Protech to resolve several issues on their design related to precision engineered components.  They required small mechanical parts and didn’t want to explore finding and setting up new vendors.  They asked Protech to identify potential sources and procure these components for them.

Solution: Protech’s purchasing team identified and quoted suppliers for their plastic, rubber and signage part requirements. The suppliers were approved and parts that meet the customer’s cost targets are now being supplied. Protech saved them time and is providing the convenience of being a one-stop shop for them.

Design for Increased Functionality and Cost Reduction

Challenge: A customer needed a module that would measure the tilt of a motorcycle.

Solution: Utilizing its engineering resources, Protech was able to combine the new module with another resistor module, adding the required functionality, while reducing two modules into one module.

Product Redesign Support

Challenge: A customer had a product that was experiencing issues with cross talk-and magnetic interference.

Solution: Using its engineering resources, Protech was able to redesign the module to eliminate the issues.

Logistics Support

Challenge: During a meeting a customer complained about the warehouse service they were getting from another company.  It was expensive, their invoices were complicated since they were charged for every movement throughout the month and there were significant overtime charges. They asked Protech if they could find a way to help.

Solution: Protech developed a web-based database tool that the customer could use for all their importations.  Additionally, Protech provided the necessary warehouse space, extended working hours and set up one flat fee that simplified the customer’s budgeting process.


Fast Facts

  • Established 2001
  • El Paso, TX
    • 3 SMT lines
    • Box build
    • Warehouse/3PL Services
  • Juarez, Mexico
    • 4 SMT lines
    • Box build