Eliminating Manufacturing Challenges

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Technology Focused on Eliminating Today’s Manufacturing Challenges

Today’s electronics assemblies are getting smaller and more complex. Not only does this drive a need for increased accuracy in solder paste application, component placement and visual screening technology, it also can create challenges in the reflow soldering process.

For this reason, Protech Global Solutions offers customers a choice in soldering processes. We offer both traditional multi-zone convection reflow soldering systems and vapor phase soldering.

The benefits of a vapor phase soldering solution include:

  • Lower solder temperatures
    • Less damage to components
    • Lower infant mortality
    • Higher reliability
  • No heat shadowing
    • Vapor penetrates all solder areas
      • Best for BGAs, LGAs, QFNs
    • Controlled Temperature Profile
      • Thermocouples mounted on carrier
      • Carrier speed monitored and controlled

If you are looking for a contractor who has made the technology investments needed to deliver superior quality at competitive cost, contact us to discuss our options for building quality into the products we manufacture.


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Challenge: A customer had new product concept, but didn’t have a bill of materials, approved vendor list or product specification.

Solution: The team at Protech helped the customer identify the needed components and cost for the product. They also helped develop all needed documentation.